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Screenshot of DemoHop Science Fair layout

The Magic of the “Science Fair” Format Meeting

Unleashing the power of the Science Fair style team events: DemoHop’s science fair format is remarkable at creating connections and facilitating rich information exchange. Its unique structure offers three key benefits that set it apart from traditional meetings...

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A woman, turned away from the camera, leaping for joy

Serendipity in the Enterprise: A Tale of Two Cities

In the bustling city of Innovationville, serendipity was a way of life. The streets hummed with energy as professionals from diverse backgrounds crossed paths, exchanging ideas and creating sparks of brilliance. Collaboration flowed effortlessly, leading to groundbreaking discoveries and a...

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Bridge of a river

How Bonds and Bridges Matter in Distributed Work Settings

As we envisioned and built DemoHop, we learned about the two types of relationships that exist in every organization. The first type revolves around our core team and daily colleagues. Social scientists refer to these connections as “bonding” or “strong-tie”...

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Woman blowing dominoes over into a cascade effect

Inception: DemoHop’s Founding Story

In the twilight of the pandemic, as the push to return to office gained momentum, it became apparent to everyone that the office would never be the same again. While the traditional office still had a role to play, it...

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