Change Log: Product Upgrades (April 23rd, 2024)

New Releases

Generative AI for Booth Images

At DemoHop, where enterprise tech innovators convene to share, inspire, and shape the future, we have now introduced generative AI for booth images to continue to enhance your event experience. This allows us to offer a unique solution that simplifies the booth design process.

Booth images are one of the first things that attendees see, but previously sometimes it would be challenging to find an image to use.

This integration will make it easier to build your booths, so just simply enter some text and an image will be generated. Though, you can still choose your own file as well.  

Booth images are important, so having this AI option will make it easier to stand out. 

See our blog post for some ideas on booth images with GenAI.   


When having a big event for 100s or 1000s of attendees, it is vital to keep everyone on the same page to get the most out of your event.  Take advantage of our announcements to communicate real-time to all attendees. 

Use this to call attention to a keynote speaker or booth, remind people to complete booth surveys, or link to a non-DemoHop resource.   

You can also display the schedule, share some inspiration, or goals for the event. Or just a simple thank you or other encouraging message to all your attendees.     

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User Experience Enhancements

We’re always striving to make DemoHop as user friendly as possible and seeking out feedback from our customers. From your feedback, we were able to incorporate many updates to the user interface and user experience.