Purpose-built for sharing and collaboration across large teams

A live online event that brings your employees and their ideas together for sharing, celebration and more.

It starts with an online science fair format

We selected the classic science fair format for DemoHop events. When it comes to spreading ideas and amplifying peer-to-peer collaboration, no other format is nearly as effective.

Screenshot of a DemoHop booth card

Small group calls and light agendas put attendees in control

With social physics at its core, DemoHop’s inclusive, welcoming meeting environment ensures meaningful connections and collaboration for all.

Destined to be your team’s favorite activity

Unlike most online meetings, DemoHop’s unique “social physics” put employees in-control of their time. Employees explore what interests them and meet new colleagues, which is why employees give DemoHop an 80 NPS

Screenshot of a DemoHop booth's live video call
Screenshot of DemoHop reporting interface

Large scale events that are a breeze

We made it simple to run an event that you’ll be proud to host and that your team will enjoy. Our tools include elegant user onboarding, delegated administration and end to end reporting.

Employees rave about their DemoHop experience