All kinds of workplaces benefit from DemoHop events

The connective effects of DemoHop style science fair style events can be used by all parts of an organization from sales and marketing to HR and technology. Here are some of our favorite uses.

Sales and marketing

Marketing showcases

When marketing teams are spread across locations or serve different regions or markets, everyone welcomes the opportunity to better understand what other teams are doing. In these showcases, each marketing team (function or geography) has a booth and shares their work, learnings, accomplishments and plans. Marketing showcases may invite only the marketing team, add key partners such as sales or invite the whole company.

Sales events and trainings

Sales teams are almost always distributed. They’re also craving a chance to learn more about the products they sell and the teams who build them, successful sales strategies, key competitors. Use DemoHop to create booths on all your products and staff them with the experts and resources your sales team would like to meet.

Client and customer spotlights

Agencies and consulting firms have adopted the practice of holding periodic internal events that demonstrate the work of the firm to colleagues, partners and occasionally even prospects. Product companies also hold customer spotlights to show employees how customers are using their products. This brings employees closer to the real world use of their products and helps them identify shortcomings and future opportunities.

Tech, product, and R&D teams

Demo days

Quarterly Demo Days are the time tested method for showcasing each team’s progress from the prior quarter and sharing their plans for the future. Regular Demo Days maximize accountability by focusing on outcomes over outputs, builds trust with business partners and is the opportunity to celebrate each team’s work.


Use DemoHop’s Science Fair format to create clear goals and themes for each team competing in the hackathon. Teams can collaborate in each booth, visitors and experts can explore each team’s work on their own, contribute ideas and share input. Recordings allow every team’s work to be memorialized so anyone can benefit from the event weeks or months after.

R&D poster sessions

DemoHop’s combination of content and live video calls combined with a “choose your own adventure” format allows any organization to create their version of a Poster Session online. Each booth can be loaded with materials, presenters can lead interactive discussions and DemoHop’s “social physics” allow for relaxed information discussions and networking.

Device expos

Use DemoHop to showcase your latest product innovations to your whole company. Create booths for each product line and load them with marketing materials and sell sheets. Give employees the chance to see live device demos and engage directly with the team who built them.

Human resources, DE&I, and recruiting

New employee onboarding

It’s hard enough being new. And it’s even more challenging when your co-workers are distributed across the country or around the world. Use DemoHop to run “Cohort Onboarding” that gives new hires a chance to learn about the company, explore different departments and build their professional network in an efficient and impactful manner.

Employee affinity groups

For every company aiming to celebrate and promote your employee affinity groups, DemoHop’s online science fair format is exactly what you need. Employees can explore and learn about various company groups whether ethnic or diversity related, alumni, volunteer or communities of practice. DemoHop is the easiest way to highlight your employees diverse interests and communities.

Internal career fairs

Internal company job boards are okay, but they don’t tell about the interesting people and work that various teams are doing. Use DemoHop to hold periodic internal career fairs that encourage employees to understand about areas of growth for them across the enterprise.

College recruiting open houses

It’s a common story. When prospective recruits meet your people, you win the talent game. Use DemoHop to hold online college recruiting fairs that allow you to draw talent from a wide array of campuses. Invite people to double click into your work, your people and culture.

Executive leadership and management

All-Team meetings

When you host an all-team meeting on DemoHop, your distributed team will finally have the chance to connect and exchange ideas with people from across the company. The Science Fair format combined with Social Physics lead to genuine connection and relationship building will make all the difference. By the time you’re done, your team will be eager for their next all-team event.

Supplier and vendor fairs

Supplier and Vendor fairs are an efficient way to connect current and prospective suppliers and vendors with decision makers at your company. Give each company a booth they can operate and invite buyers at your company to explore their options and understand the possibilities.

M&A integrations

Once the deal is signed, the hard work begins. Integrating two different organizations who are separated by distance, timezones and cultures can be hard. But integration events on DemoHop allow people from each org to meet and exchange ideas in small intimate online venues we call booths. Each booth allows the personalities and culture to meld and combine while giving every team a chance to shine in the spotlight.