HyThere, we're the team behind DemoHop.

That’s not a typo. DemoHop was created by the people at HyThere Corp.  HyThere’s mission is to re-capture some of the serendipity and sense of connection for distributed work teams. Our aim is to make DemoHop your go-to solution for large team and company meetings when an in-person event isn’t an option.

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The inspiration for DemoHop

Distributed companies come in all shapes and sizes. They can range from all-remote start-ups to globe-spanning corporations. But they all share the same challenge. When people aren’t co-located, it’s difficult to connect with each other.

Leaders have two options for encouraging this connection. Either fly everyone in for an all-team gathering or hold yet another giant Zoom or Teams meeting.

Each has its flaws. In-person is expensive and can be too infrequent while we all know how dull and impersonal a giant all-team call can be.

DemoHop was born out of this urgent need for a third way. An online event that can also spark the serendipity that we all crave.

We need an “Enterprise Serendipity Engine.” An online event platform that leads to engagement, connection and inspiration without the activity feeling forced or contrived.

Enlightened leaders grasp that serendipity is not a mere stroke of luck, but a nurtured force that ignites creativity and propels their teams towards new horizons.

We created DemoHop for these enlightened leaders. When you use DemoHop to hold a company or team meeting, you’re cultivating a cascade of these serendipitous moments that lead to meaningful and natural engagement – all without busting your budget.

Meet the people building DemoHop

When your employees are craving greater connection and engagement, our aim is to make DemoHop every leader’s go-to solution for these team and company events.

Sean Murphy co-founder DemoHop

Sean Murphy

Co-founder & CEO

Previously built Custom Ink and Capitol Advantage into successful businesses with rabid customer followings and sizable exits. Later an exec for Target and Optum overseeing multi-billion dollar online ecommerce businesses and leading globally distributed teams.

Evan Ellis co-founder DemoHop

Evan Ellis

Co-founder & CTO

Previously held software engineering titles at several companies, most recently for Five9, the cloud contact center company. Has expertise across the full tech stack and can build everything from beautiful front-ends to highly performant low-level services.

About the company

Welcome to DemoHop, where companies host periodic online events that unlock their employees’ innovative potential, break down information silos and build a more dynamic, rewarding and fun work culture. DemoHop is a product of HyThere Corp. We’re an all-remote company headquartered in Minnesota.

Proudly made in the Midwest.

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We work with a diverse range of companies

Fortune 500

Fortune 500 companies across a range of industries including manufacturing, transportation, high tech and retail who have offices and employees located around the country and spanning the world.

Scaling startups

Scaling startups who have embraced remote work, the opportunity to hire talent anywhere and who have adopted the best of both synchronous and asynchronous practices.

Professional services firms

Professional services firms such consulting groups and ad agencies with diverse and dynamic talent that must tap into the vast expertise available across their practice.

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All these customers are headed by leaders who hold a common view.  They believe culture matters and it’s their responsibility to cultivate it. They see that healthy, innovative companies are made up of employees with robust relationship networks – where people have ample connections to expertise and ideas beyond their every day team. And they believe that their employees are curious, ambitious and eager to understand their company’s full ambition so they can better do their own job.

That’s where DemoHop steps in. DemoHop is the turnkey solution for these leaders who are craving a better way to periodically connect, inspire and engage their employees. As great as Teams, Slack, Zoom and similar tools are great at fostering teamwork and getting regular work done, they’re not so great at inspiring and empowering a company.

DemoHop was developed for the specific occasion where connection spanning a large team or a whole company is necessary.