DemoHop's recipe for unforgettable team and company events

A science fair format

Your team will experience a refreshing departure from typical online meetings. DemoHop’s innovative science fair format takes collaboration and networking to new heights. Foster bottom-up collaboration, ignite innovation, showcase creativity, and celebrate everyone’s accomplishments.

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Video call-powered booths

Booths are a combination of a hosted live video meeting and a mini-website. Every booth is hosted by a team and attendees can review rich topic summaries, explore team rosters, access handouts, and use surveys to share feedback.

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Social physics that forge genuine connections

DemoHop is infused with the power of social physics that drives authentic human connections, even in an online meeting. Our platform is designed to draw people in, inspire them to step beyond their comfort zones and engage with new colleagues.

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Everyone finds meaningful topics of interest

With DemoHop’s “Choose Your Own Adventure” approach, attendees have the freedom to explore booths that match their curiosity. They’re not bound by a predetermined schedule. So unlike typical meetings, every attendee can navigate their way to the booths, people and conversations that will help them the most.

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Useful before, during and after the event

A DemoHop lives beyond the live event itself. Ahead of the event, users can preview booths and bookmark their must-visit destinations. Afterward, they can access personal notes, review meeting histories and reference booth content. Every DemoHop becomes a valuable resources in the weeks and months afterwards.

Plus all these essential ingredients

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Brilliant video call quality

Expect high-quality, low-latency video calls with crystal clear audio and video worldwide. Booths have the expected screen and audio sharing capabilities plus fine-grained control over when people can join their live demo call. DemoHop includes all the essentials including recording, transcriptions, live chat, reactions, background images and noise cancellation.

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Delegated administration

Watch your event come together seamlessly as each team readies their booth using DemoHop’s delegated administration. Whether you’re the event organizer, a booth host, a presenter or a participant, our intuitive platform ensures a first-rate, enjoyable experience for everyone.

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Security for the fortified enterprise

Rest easy knowing that DemoHop prioritizes your data security and privacy with SOC 2 compliance. DemoHop checks all the boxes on your enterprise security requirements.

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Robust end-to-end reporting

Harness the power of data with DemoHop’s comprehensive reporting capabilities. From user-level analytics to booth-specific insights and full event reports, gain valuable knowledge to optimize future events and measure success.

A typical DemoHop event flow