The Magic of the “Science Fair” Format Meeting

Screenshot of DemoHop Science Fair layout

Each DemoHop booth is a combination of a team website and a live video call meeting, powered by analytics.

Unleashing the power of the Science Fair style team events

DemoHop’s science fair format is remarkable at creating connections and facilitating rich information exchange. Its unique structure offers three key benefits that set it apart from traditional meetings.

1. Freedom from Rigid Agendas: Choose Your Own Adventure

Unlike conventional company events, the science fair format liberates attendees from the confines of a predetermined schedule. It provides a dynamic “choose-your-own-adventure” experience, placing individuals firmly in control of their time. Attendees have the freedom to explore areas that pique their interest, immerse themselves in captivating content, and seamlessly transition to new experiences as it suits them best.

2. Read, Reflect, and Digest at Your Own Pace

Prior to engaging in a live meeting or conversation, attendees are empowered to peruse the booth’s content at their leisure. This self-guided exploration allows individuals to delve deeply into the information provided, enabling them to absorb key insights and develop informed questions. By offering the opportunity for solitary async work, the science fair format nurtures a thoughtful and personalized approach to learning and networking.

3. Intimate Video Call Meetings: Amplifying Engagement

In order to maximize engagement and foster meaningful connections, each booth’s video call meetings are intentionally designed with limited capacity. This ensures that every participant benefits from an intimate setting where their voice can be heard and their questions addressed. By creating an environment conducive to genuine conversation, the science fair format encourages the formation of new bonds and facilitates the exchange of valuable insights among all participants.

DemoHop: Forging Strong Connections and Fostering Information Exchange

DemoHop’s science fair format stands as an unparalleled catalyst for connection and information exchange in distributed workplaces. By granting attendees the freedom to explore according to their interests, fostering personal reflection, and nurturing intimate video call interactions, DemoHop creates an environment ripe for forging cross-company relationships.

Traditional Meetings vs Science Fair Style DemoHops


Traditional Online Meeting

DemoHop Science Fair Format


Typically agenda-driven with assigned speakers and topics.

Loosely structured. Booths create a framework and then each booth conducts its live demo in its own way.


Meetings can grow large with dozens or hundreds of people. Most attendees are mostly muted with a smattering of cameras turned on.

Scales to thousands, but usually <10 in each booth. Full participation with most cameras and mics turned on.


Participants mostly listening. During the concluding Q&A, some may raise hands to ask questions.

Participants restrict their comments to topics that have broad appeal to the large group.

Immersive experience. Most people ask questions and contribute thoughts during a free-flowing discussion.

Discussions zoom easily from high level to detailed based on attendees interests.

Presentation Style

Typically uses slide decks with screen sharing followed by limited Q&A.

Visual display with interactive demos and vibrant discussion.


Deferential to the host, senior-most participant and experts.

Casual and inviting. Equal engagement among presenters and visitors.


Some participants may be actively involved and contribute to the discussion, while others may be more passive and simply listen.

Attendees are encouraged to actively explore the different booths, ask questions, and have meaningful interactions with presenters.