Online employee events, done right

Host collaborative large events for 100s to 1000s of employees that involve everyone.

DemoHop brings your distributed team together

So easy to run, your team will be amazed

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1. Setup

Anyone can create a polished DemoHop event with ease. The event admin can delegate each booth's setup to a specific team and oversee progress at every step along the way.

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2. Hold the DemoHop

Every employee is greeted in a welcome hall and then they’re off on a choose-your-own adventure experience where they encounter fresh ideas and meet new colleagues.

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3. After Event

Employees continue using DemoHop to access their event history, read their personal notes and view profiles of anyone they met. Plus, booth hosts and the admin can review survey feedback and digest end-to-end reporting.

Any Team / Any Event


DemoHop is perfect for all teams – tech, product, marketing, and more


Use for Demo Days * Hackathons * Marketing Showcases * and more!  

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DemoHop solves the distributed work challenges:

Aligning teams

Distributed work means it's harder to get everyone on the same page, but DemoHop events will connect your teams.

Driving Innovation

DemoHop events spark new ideas and collaboration which maximizes your innovation.

Energizing the team

Employee engagement is so valuable and attendees love DemoHop events. Attendees rate content as 90%+ relevant and NPS scores as high as 80!

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Use DemoHop’s loosely structured live showcase format to give teams a chance to share, meet and collaborate in small groups.

Align and collaborate in a DemoHop booth

Give stakeholders, end users and other business partners the freedom to engage and learn directly from product teams.

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Go beyond Zoom & Teams

General purpose video calls with Zoom or Teams are great for small meetings.  But they fall short for large events.  They rely on a rigid agenda, most attendees are passive, and breakout sessions are forced.  

With DemoHop, these are flipped and true connection and collaboration thrive.  With a DemoHop event, the attendees are free to interact with booths and topics that are interesting to them.  This combined with the DemoHop format of a live video call mixed with written content, creates a special environment that leads to connection, creativity, and fun.  

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