The enterprise serendipity engine™

No More Giant Dull All-Team Meetings

DemoHop powers live large team events that lead to authentic new connections and a rich exchange of ideas. It’s the ultimate solution for bringing together employees and ideas in distributed workplaces.

High-impact employee events

Greater employee engagement

DemoHop’s unique Social Physics mean employees feel seen, heard and appreciated by leaders and colleagues alike. This leads to greater satisfaction with work and growing pride in the company and its mission.

Unlock information silos

The serendipitous effects of a DemoHop multiplies connections, frees essential information and matches expertise. After each one access to ideas, expertise and insights become stronger and more powerful.

Bottom-up innovation

With DemoHop’s Science Fair format and emphasis on networking, employees showcase their own ideas and innovations. DemoHop is uniquely optimized for bottom-up collaboration and emergent idea-sharing. 

Rapid employee onboarding

Accelerate your new employee onboarding. Cohort based events help new arrivals quickly familiarize themselves with teams, enterprise projects, company strategies and its mission and values. 

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Events with purpose

Demo days and hackathons 

New employee onboarding

Marketing showcases

Sales team events

Internal career fairs

Recruiting open houses

Employee affinity group expos

M&A integrations

Supplier / vendor fairs

Social physics are the difference

Unlike general purpose video calls, the social physics built into DemoHop lead to genuine connection and information sharing.

Social physics are a field of study that explores how and why people interact with each other. DemoHop applies these learnings into its event platform so that people engage with each other regardless of location, role, seniority, tenure or personality type.

Setup is a breeze

1. Prep the DemoHop

Simple to setup. A single admin can create a polished event with ease. DemoHop’s delegated administration allows each team to prepare their own booth while the admin oversees it all.

2. Hold the event

Every employee is greeted in a welcome hall and then they’re off on a choose-your-own adventure experience where they encounter fresh ideas and meet new colleagues.

3. Post-DemoHop

Employees continue using DemoHop to access their event history and personal notes and view profiles of everyone they met. Plus, booth hosts and the admin can consume survey feedback and digest end-to-end reporting. 

Bring the benefits to your company

DemoHop overcomes the isolating effects of distributed work and rekindles connection across the company.

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