Online showcase events for distributed teams

Hold innovation events that get employees talking and ideas flowing. Set up quickly. Scales to 1000s of attendees. Not just a one-time event, but a resource people will use all year long.

DemoHop overcomes these distributed work challenges

Employees lack relationship networks

The informal networks essential to creativity, innovation and job satisfaction are slow to develop.

Valuable work and team efforts go unrecognized

Without intentional activities to highlight work, teams can feel undervalued and unappreciated.

Collaborating across teams has become harder

Without a strong network of employee connections and a deep understanding of other teams' capabilities, grassroots innovation stagnates.

Rejuvenate your team's connections with DemoHop

Before a DemoHop: Relationships, teams and ideas are isolated which leads to lackluster collaboration and low innovation.

After a DemoHop: Employees and teams rebuild their informal networks as ideas spread and new collaborations emerge.

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Our social physics make the difference

Unlike general purpose video calls, the social physics built into DemoHop lead to genuine connection and information sharing.

It’s all about how and why people interact with each other. DemoHop embeds these social physics into the heart of the experience. This way people engage with each other regardless of their location, seniority, role, tenure or personality preferences.

Easy to run

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1. Setup

Anyone can create a polished DemoHop event with ease. The event admin can delegate each booth's setup to a specific team and oversee progress at every step along the way.

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2. Hold the DemoHop

Every employee is greeted in a welcome hall and then they’re off on a choose-your-own adventure experience where they encounter fresh ideas and meet new colleagues.

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3. After Event

Employees continue using DemoHop to access their event history, read their personal notes and view profiles of anyone they met. Plus, booth hosts and the admin can review survey feedback and digest end-to-end reporting.

Bring the benefits to your company

DemoHop overcomes the isolating effects of distributed work and rekindles connection across the company.

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