Bring your distributed workplace together


DemoHop is your quarterly demo day in a box. Everything you need to host a live enterprise demo day that inspires and engages employees wherever they work.

What is a demo day?

A demo day is a large team or company-wide live event where individual teams present their work in a science fair format (yes, just like middle school). It’s usually held once per quarter. This agenda-less format means attendees can explore topics on their own and spend time where they decide it’s most valuable.

Can’t we just use Zoom or Teams?

General purpose meeting and collaboration products don’t lead to the engagement and creative breakthroughs that DemoHop achieves. DemoHop is enhanced with social physics that invite meaningful interaction, deep attention, and true engagement.

That’s not the case with Zoom or Teams. By contrast large meetings on those platforms are usually dominated by the most senior participants and a few especially outgoing individuals – everyone else is left out.

Not with DemoHop.

Social physics make the difference!

DemoHop is optimized for global and remote teams.

People get to know each other in small intimate venues called “Booths”. These are safe, interesting spaces to learn and connect. Each booth highlights a team’s work and allows for individuals to ask questions and go to a level of depth that’s impossible in a larger meeting. Through every interaction, helpful biographies give participants context on who they’re meeting and highlight common interests.

DemoHop is optimized for distributed teams

A snap to set up

Set a date and then DemoHop guides teams on the rest. There’s never been an easier way to host a full team event.


DemoHop costs a fraction of an in-person event with expensive travel and logistical headaches.

Time together

Unlike endless Zoom or Teams meetings, DemoHop caters to all personality types and leads to real relationships and the spread of creative ideas.

Re-energize your company

A quarterly demo day goes a long way toward repairing the health of your company’s information and collaboration networks.

Before demo day relationships and information flow are siloed due to distributed work.

After demo day connections are rejuvenated and ideas are unlocked.

Getting started is simple

It couldn’t be easier to host your demo day. After setting the date for your event, DemoHop’s delegated administration takes over. Each team prepares their booth about a week ahead of the event. On demo day, authorized employees with a valid company email address can join and participate.

Just four times a year

Demo days don’t have to be frequent, but a regular quarterly cadence yields powerful positive effects for your entire organization. They’re easy to set up, and at just a few dollars per attendee, they’re likely one of the best investments you can make in your team.

Let’s get started!