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The #1 platform for tech demo days, salesforce enablement, hackathons, R&D showcases, product marketing launches, all-company events, employee onboarding and more.

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Live events make all the difference

Any team, any event, anywhere

DemoHop is perfect for all kinds of knowledge sharing events attended by 100 to 1000+ employees

Great for Tech Demo Days * Sales Enablement * Hackathons * Marketing Showcases * Corporate Affinity Groups * Employee Onboarding * Sales Training

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Hosting large team sharing events has never been simpler

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1. Setup in minutes

Easily create polished events. Admins can delegate booth setup to each team and oversee progress.

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2. Hold the DemoHop

Welcome employees to their choose-your-own-adventure experience, fostering fresh ideas and new connections.

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3. After event

Access event history, personal notes, and colleague profiles. Review feedback and comprehensive reporting for continued improvement.

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Go beyond Zoom & Teams

General purpose video calls fall short when large scale sharing is the priority.  Free yourself from rigid agendas that lock people into passive watching and waiting.

DemoHop’s loosely structured format puts attendees in control of their time and who they meet leading to remarkably collaborative events.

Build a winning culture by enabling sharing at scale

Connect ideas

Unlock the potential of your team's collective intelligence by seamlessly sharing and integrating diverse ideas.

Empower the team

Provide your team with the knowledge and tools to take initiative and drive impactful projects.

Highlight talent

Motivate and retain top talent by identifying emerging talent, recognizing bold work and celebrating the team's work.

Break down silos

Encourage open communication and collaboration across departments to eliminate barriers and promote unity.

Energize employees

Foster a dynamic and engaging environment that revitalizes your workforce and enhances productivity.

Enhance the team's visibility

Showcase your team's achievements and contributions, boosting morale and recognition across the organization.