DemoHop and GenAI: A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

DemoHop + GenAI

DemoHop has now integrated GenAI in our product.  Our booths are part of our magic sauce, where attendees can freely flow in and out of booths and engage with topics that matter to them.  The booth images are key to bringing the booths to life and attracting people to your booth to collaborate, share ideas, and more.  

Sometimes it is difficult to come up with just the right image for your booth, but thankfully we have now made it easier.  We have incorporated GenAI into our booth image creation so you can come up with your booth image with AI or choose your own image.  You have control.  

This integration will make it easier to build your booths so just simply enter some text and an image will be generated.  

Check out some prompt examples below to get ideas of how it can make your images easier to create and your booths stand out!

AI generated image for delivery technology DemoHop booth

1) A Picture of your Product

Your team may be working on a mobile app, desktop app, security infrastructure, and more. This prompt is great for showcasing the technology you are working on.


Prompt: “Show an image of a mobile app that can be used for transportation technology.”

 Mobile App Image



2) A Picture of Your Team

Besides your product, you can also showcase your team. Something like this shows what you want to achieve in the booth — collaborating with colleagues to drive innovation.

Prompt: “Show an image of a group of technology, product, and designers collaborating.”

Group of colleagues collaborating


3) Regenerate an Image 

Sometimes the image just don’t fit for your prompt. We have a button to “Regenerate” to make it easy to get a better image for what you are looking for.

Prompt (Regenerate): “Show an image of a group of technology, product, and designers collaborating.”

Group of Colleagues Collaborating

4) Something more Abstract 

Another option is to do something more abstract. It could be a picture that conveys teamwork, unity, creativity, etc.

Prompt: “An abstract image about team unity and togetherness.”

Team Togetherness Abstract Image

5) Related to Your Company 

Get creative and explore using your company and colors.

Prompt: “My company is FedEx; please generate an image using our color scheme and brand identity.”

AI generated image for delivery technology DemoHop booth







We hope these got you thinking a bit; feel free to be creative and see what booth images you can come up with!