The Benefits of Demo Days for Product Teams

Product Teams & Demo Days

Demo Days are useful for many teams within a company.  But for this post, we are going to focus on the benefits for product teams.  

Demo Days for product teams are great opportunities to showcase product development with both completed products, in-progress products, or certain features.  They are also critical to gather feedback, celebrate wins, collaborate with peers and business stakeholders, build strong partnerships with the dev teams, and drive the product roadmap forward. We’ll go into more of these in detail.  

They are not just beneficial, but truly transformational for the teams involved.  


1) Feedback and Validation

Demo Days allow for product teams to present finished work or even prototypes to a broad audience of stakeholders including peers, management, and sometimes external stakeholders like technology partners and customers. These insights can help refine product features, usability, product-market fit, to help drive the product and mold it in a way that provides a ton of value for all the stakeholders.

All of this feedback can help ensure the northstar of “are we building the right product” is front and center and realized. 


2) Visibility and Celebration

These events can provide a tremendous amount of visibility to what the product team’s are doing.  As we all know, building great products is super hard work and sometimes gaining some visibility can be much needed.  This also can help celebrate wins to boost team morale and energize the team.  

3) Cross – Functional Collaboration

By having regular demo days, cross functional teams can all come together to collaborate.  This can ensure alignment, unlock creativity, and establish work relationships going forward. We have seen from events that attendees are nearly guaranteed to meet new coworkers and that is one of the highlights for attendees.  Then for the business, this collaboration leads to new ideas that improve the products, entirely new products to develop, both of which drive enterprise value.

Usually early and often All of this feedback can help ensure the northstar of “are we building the right product” is front and center and realized. 



4) Creativity and Innovation 

When a diverse group of motivated and smart people come together, creative ideas and innovation is going to happen. These events give a loosely structured outlet for innovation on a large scale. Ideas for features, new products, improved ways of working, strategies, and more are all possible.  

5) Accelerate Development Cycles

The deadlines associated with demo days can accelerate development cycles, forcing teams to prioritize tasks and manage time effectively.  This can lead to rapid progress and push teams to deliver on tangible results that serve customers and drive the business forward. 

Throughout history, oftentimes, a hard deadline, can push and unlock an even greater level of innovation and the impossible can

be made possible.  

6) Attract Talent and Resources

By showcasing products to a wide audience, it can attract resources and talent to the team.  This can further accelerate development cycles and ensure the products get over the line.  

7) Boost the Team 

Getting to present work, meet colleagues both old and new, and collaborate in a high energy environment, can strengthen team bonds and boost morale for everyone.  From the demo days we put on here at DemoHop, we have seen attendee NPS scores as high as 80 for these reasons.


Demo days offer huge advantages for product teams by facilitating feedback, encouraging innovation, and showcasing products to a wide degree of stakeholders.

Ultimately, they drive tech team ROI, spread best practices, and energize the team. In a world of fast moving technology, demo days can be a source for thriving in your market.

If you want to bring a virtual demo day to your company that’s turnkey, secure, and built for the enterprise, request a demo here.