10 Demo Days to Get Inspiration From

There are many companies running successful demo day programs. Here are 10 to learn from:

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1) Target

Target has run a successful Demo Day program for many years and it has helped them compete and thrive in a crowded retail industry.  




2) Rocket Companies

Rocket Companies hosts HackWeeks throughout the year usually with over 1000 team members.    

3) Tesla

Tesla is an innovator in so many fields including automotive, energy, robotics, AI on more.  Their Demo Days help bring all the technical teams together. 


4) Ikea

Ikea started its Digital Days back in 2018 and now runs a multiple day program bringing people, technology, and insights together.   






5) Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo’s Developer Days are full of so many different events like dev clinics, hands-on sessions, product demos, and games.  Tons of energy from their 2000+ developers at their latest one.  



6) CVS

CVS Health brings all of the STEM colleagues together for both in-person and virtual events to celebrate, educate, and engage.  


7) FedEx

FedEx Day (FED) is a reoccurring event where they go after solving one big problem.  

8) Caterpillar

Caterpillar loves taking on a real-world challenge and bring innovative solutions to it.  


9) Humana

Humana pushes their innovation forward with product hackathons.  They do a great job bringing cross-functional teams together for creativity to solve some tough challenges.  


10) General Motors

GM stays a market leader with hackathons bringing all types of engineers together to build innovation.  



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