Introducing DemoHop’s Automated NPS Survey

DemoHop post-event NPS survey

We’re thrilled to announce a game-changing update to DemoHop! Starting today, DemoHop will automatically gather Net Promoter Scores (NPS) and insightful feedback from all event participants and booth hosts. This innovative feature kicks in the day after an event, where DemoHop takes the initiative by emailing all attendees an invitation to complete an NPS survey. This process is entirely automated, ensuring no valuable insight slips through the cracks.

But that’s not all! Once the attendees have shared their feedback, they can visit their My History page for a comprehensive summary of their event experience. This seamless integration of feedback and event history enriches the attendee journey, providing a personalized wrap-up of their engagement.

For administrators, this update is an improvement to DemoHop comprehensive reporting. You can now monitor the NPS scores and read verbatim comments in real-time via the reports page.

The NPS comments can be powerful and persuasive testimonials to share with leaders and that showcases the power and value of these events.