What are Demo Days, Dev Days, Innovation Days, etc?

Demo Days

In thinking of doing an innovation event and getting inspiration from them, it’s helpful to know what names are used out there. Plus learning about the timing of them is important as well.  

We’re referring to internal innovation events or showcase events that large tech and R&D teams hold to innovate, collaborate with colleagues, and drive the business forward.  These are especially important for teams that are distributed across offices or remotely.  

The business benefits to these events are that they 1) maximize tech team ROI, 2) spread best practices & innovation, and 3) energize the employees.  

Most companies incorporate these events or some elements of them in their business practices.  We do believe in-person is valuable, but virtual is super effective as well with a much lower operations lift and cost.  

How often do you have them:

We usually say at least 1x a quarter… this allows for progress to be maintained throughout the year.  

What activities happen at these demo days events? 

Generally these type of events have some mix of:

  • Brainstorming new ideas for product features and new products
  • Celebrating wins – for really anything; both individuals and teams and products improved, shipped, etc 
  • Presenting work, either finished or in-progress
  • Setting the product roadmap going forward 
  • Collaborating with colleagues, across teams and functions
  • Meeting new colleagues across teams and functions
  • Develop software
  • Map out software hierarchy / architecture 
  • Sketching plans out 
  • Having fun 
  • Developing new skills 
  • Teaching others 
  • Getting inspired 
  • And so much more

What are some names that other companies use?

Demo Days – Target, Tesla 

HackWeek – Rocket Companies 

Dev Days – Electronic Arts

Developer Days – Wells Fargo 

Digital Days – IKEA 

Engineers Week – CVS Health 



What does your company call them? Let us know and we’ll add you to the list.