Rocket Companies Showcase Event

Showcases in the Wild

At DemoHop, we love seeing world-famous tech organizations do showcase events whether in-person or virtually.   For this company showcase, we are highlighting Rocket Companies. 

Rocket is an innovator in the fintech space with mortgage, real estate, and financial services businesses. They are publicly traded with a market cap of over $20B. 

They understand the importance of innovative technology and have made the corresponding investments in their product and engineering teams. 

They recently hosted an in-person event, their first HackWeek of 2024 bringing in 1250 team members with 250 experiments. Some very amazing collaboration and team energy occurred.  

Unstructured Creative Thinking

Some things to note: from CEO Varun Krishna,  “it is incredible how many great ideas can come from a week of unstructured creative thinking.” This certainly shows the power of these showcase events.  People and teams that may not work together on a regular basis, get to meet each other, create, and collaborate to foster innovation. This brings new ideas and projects into the teams and for the company, innovation helps move the company forward and drive enterprise value.   Some of this could be technology to used internally or as CEO Krishna pointed out, using generative AI to present payment assistant options to homeowners experiencing hardship.

Breakthrough Future Innovations:

Then you see some comments about building breakthrough innovations.  In any business, there is always much important work to be done building technology, but to think ahead is incredibly valuable.  This allows companies and teams to see the future possibilities and keep innovation activity high. 


Things They Did Really Well:

  1. Multiple types of activities including writing software, brainstorming, and presenting finished work to close it out
  2. Bringing in external partners like Microsoft, Google, and AWS
  3. Including everyone – engineers, product, and business stakeholders across multiple teams
  4. Executive leadership support – CEO Varun Krishna is bought on and knows the value of these events

Congratulations to Rocket Companies for an amazing event!!