Easily host quarterly tech showcases that dev teams love

Hold demo days and other events that bring employees and their ideas together. Easy to setup. Scales for 1000s of attendees.  Not just a one-time event, but a resource people will use all year long.

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Great service! I am very satisfied with the work. The team is Knowledgable and professional.


Their work is fast and very reliable. I highly recommend this business.

DemoHop solves these challenges with large distributed tech teams

Tech Team ROI

Are we taking full advantage of our global talent and effectively linking people together?

Sharing best practices

People are siloed and don't know about the expertise available in the organization.

Employee engagement

Employee engagement isn't what it used to be.

Trusted by the Fortune 500 and leading tech teams everywhere

"DemoHop revolutionized our tech showcases. It brought together our developers, product managers, and executives in a remote and interactive environment, leading to more creativity and better team cohesion than ever before."

Senior VP
Digital CX and eCommerce Technologies
Fortune 50 Company

"DemoHop was able to accomplish with traditional online events just can't: it allows for personal customization of intimate experiences at scale, because the participant choose their own pth (based on interest) and the interaction is specific to the needs of the audience - all provided by the expert in the subject! And the fact that it comes at a fraction of the cost means that is's all worth it.

John Norkus

Rejuvenate your team's connections with DemoHop

Before a DemoHop: Relationships, teams and ideas are isolated which leads to lackluster collaboration and low innovation.

After a DemoHop: Employees and teams rebuild their informal networks as ideas spread and new collaborations emerge.

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Our social physics make the difference

Unlike other video calls, the social physics built into DemoHop lead to genuine connection and information sharing.

Our promise:

  • Conversations initiated on DemoHop (that would have never happened otherwise) will lead to creative breakthroughs for the company
  • Employees will be regularly exposed to expertise and novel ideas that are not a part of an individual’s everyday routines. 
  • Employees will find the freedom of the choose-your-own-adventure format combined with our social physics engaging and empowering. NPS scores as high as 80!

Easy to run

Illustration UX forms

1. Setup

Anyone can create a polished DemoHop event with ease. The event admin can delegate each booth's setup to a specific team and oversee progress at every step along the way.

Illustration video call

2. Hold the DemoHop

Every employee is greeted in a welcome hall and then they’re off on a choose-your-own adventure experience where they encounter fresh ideas and meet new colleagues.

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3. After Event

Employees continue using DemoHop to access their event history, read their personal notes and view profiles of anyone they met. Plus, booth hosts and the admin can review survey feedback and digest end-to-end reporting.

DemoHop delivers for your tech team in these ways

DemoHop helps you harness the full power of your tech or engineering team.

For Demo Days * Hackathons * Dev Days * Innovation Days * and more

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