Atlassian Team 24

Heading to Atlassian Team 24?

Team 24 is all about teamwork. We help drive that for tech teams. We host online demo days to get the tech and product teams on the same page.  These events bring teams together and drive new ideas and connections. Fill out the form to see how DemoHop can help connect your teams and drive innovation.

What choose DemoHop?

Maximize your Tech Team ROI
Connect your Tech and Product Teams
Drive Innovation and Creativity
Product + Dev Teams Teamwork
Group of Tech Team Colleagues Collaborating
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Trusted by Industry Leaders and the Fortune 500
“DemoHop revolutionized our tech showcases.  It brought together our developers, product managers, and executives in a remote and interactive environment, leading to more creativity and better team cohesion than ever before.”
Senior Vice President
Digital CX and eCommerce Technologies
Fortune 50 Company

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