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Free Trial FAQs

Is this really a free trial?

Yes! The free trial allows you to hold up to 6 DemoHops in a 12 month period for free.


Each DemoHop must be scheduled for a particular date and may run up to 3 hours long.


Free trial DemoHops may have up to 40 participants, whether visitors, presenters or administrators.


Each of these DemoHops may have up to 5 booths.

What's a booth?

A booth is a topic or represents the work of a team. Each booth is a combination mini event website and a live video call meeting.

How many users may join?

Free trial DemoHops include up to 40 participants. A participant is any type of user who logs into DemoHop.


All free trial users must have the same email address.

How can I have more than 40 people?

DemoHops can grow to thousands of users.


The free trial include 40 users. Additional user packages can be purchased for $999 per 40 additional users.


For instance, if you want to have an event with 120 people. The first 40 users would be free and the next 80 could be added for $999 x 2 = $1998.


Discounted user rates are available for larger DemoHops.

What's included with higher level packages?

DemoHops beyond the free trial do not have a 3-hour limit or restrictions on the number of booths. They also have discounted pricing as events run into the hundreds and thousands of users.


For a full walk-through of the differences, schedule a call with our sales team.