Say Hi to HyThere Corp.

HyThere’s first product DemoHop powers online events and activities that build weak-ties, aka “bridging”, relationships in distributed workplaces.

Weak-ties lead to strong companies

Unlike our every day strong-tie, aka “bonding”, relationships, weak-ties are our relationship at work that exist beyond our usual work routines. They’re not our everyday colleagues. Instead these are the people who expose us to new ideas, novel information and unlock the full power of the company. Organizations are healthy when they cultivate an ideal mix of both strong and weak ties.

Weak ties are all around us. It’s the engineer who knows the marketer with the critical consumer insight. The finance expert who teams up with the product manager to improve cash flow. Or the store manager and designer who create a breakthrough new concept.

However, the distributed and remote work models have an Achilles’ Heel. It’s that today’s general purpose remote work technology doesn’t help us build these essential weak-ties.

There’s a lot at risk for distributed orgs

Distributed companies who don’t cultivate a good balance of strong and weak ties are already encountering hybrid work’s flaws. They’re finding creativity inhibited and innovation dulled; growing worker isolation; many instances of duplicated and overlapping efforts across the company; and most critically that employees are losing out on the fun in a good day’s work.

It’s time for something new: DemoHop

HyThere’s first product is DemoHop. It’s a platform for powering connective company events that stimulate weak tie relationships and shatters information silos in distributed workplaces. DemoHops events are inspiring, engaging and inclusive.